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Rent Some Fun!

Rent Some Fun!

Remember the days when a wedding was just a ceremony and a boring, tasteless dinner. All any guest could think about was whether there was an open bar and when the bride and groom would cut the cake. However, today you have a lot more options for weddings. Many of the top wedding venues offer some exciting extras you can rent to make your wedding a memorable occasion for the guests as well as the couple. If you are putting together a wedding and want to add a bit of fun, consider renting one of these fun extras.

Photo Booth

What better way to add some fun and emphasize the “making memories” aspect of your wedding than renting a photo booth? A photo booth allows your guests to take photos of themselves at your big day—this works as a “wedding favor” as well as a source of entertainment. You’ll find that as the day or evening progresses, more and more people will wander over and get in on the fun.

Chocolate Fountains and Other Banquet Fun

Who says a wedding meal has to be boring? Adding a carving station, sushi bar or more popularly a chocolate fountain can make this a meal to remember. You can serve a relatively simple meal, but add one element (like the chocolate fountain) and it will stand out as something special in the eyes of your guests.

Dance the Night Away

Don’t let your guests stand around being wallflowers! There are plenty of things you can choose for your wedding that will get them dancing. Hiring a DJ for just the right music is a great option, while a karaoke machine can make it even more fun. The right lighting for the dance floor is another consideration. Find out what your venue has available and see if you need any extras.

These ideas are only the beginning. Remember that your wedding can be a lot of fun for everyone—if you let it! Don’t get stuck with the same old wedding. Do something special and everyone will have a great time on your special day.