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Wedding 25

Whether you are an amateur, looking to take some great candid shots for a scrapbook or you are a professional photographer wanting to make your mark in the world of wedding photography, following simple event photography tips will make your job easier. There is an abundance of information out there about how to hold the camera, choose the right lens and get your angles just right. However, when it comes down to it, one of the most important event photography tips is to make sure you capture the right shot. When you get ready to photograph a wedding, keep these top five “must have” moments or photos in mind. This will ensure you capture the memories that will last a lifetime.

Family Shots

Pictures of the bride with her little brothers, the groom with his mom or the shots of the two families together are photos that will be treasured by everyone. These shots are a great way to get those who are not part of the wedding party involved.

Closeup of the Rings

A closeup shot of the rings is symbolic and beautiful. This picture often winds up gracing the cover of a wedding album. If the wedding is a religious function, you may consider taking a photo of the rings on a Bible or holy book.

The Bride’s Dress

While you want some great images of the bride’s face and hair, make sure you get a few that perfectly highlight her dress. Choosing the right dress is one of the most difficult tasks for many brides, so give her something to remember.

The Kiss

Capturing the kiss is tricky. If you can take shots rapidly, either manually or with a feature on your camera, you have a better chance of capturing the kiss at the perfect moment.

The Father-Daughter Dance

For many fathers, dancing with their daughter on the wedding day is one of the moments they remember for a lifetime. This should be part of every wedding album, and may wind up gracing the desk of the proud daddy, too.

As you take photographs for any wedding, make certain you keep your eye open for both the “must-have shots” and those surprise moments. One thing to remember is that taking great photos means taking lots of photos. Therefore, always take more than you need, and do not be afraid to toss some of them out later. The ones you wind up keeping will be that much better!