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How to Make Your Valentine’s Day Wedding Photos Memorable

Even though the memories of your wedding day may fade as time goes on, there is one way you can ensure that you will never forget your special day: pictures. Whether you hang them above the fireplace or keep them on your nightstand, your engagement photos and bride and groom pictures will always have a special place in your home. For this reason, you want to make sure that they are phenomenal.

While any wedding day can provide you with ample opportunities for unforgettable photo opportunities, if you are getting married on or around Valentine’s Day, you want to make sure to incorporate the holiday of love into your photos. Here are a few ideas for your Valentine’s Day wedding photos.

Kisses – Five Cents

Using a kissing booth as the background for your bride and groom pictures is a fun and playful way to tie in the Valentine’s Day spirit. Either you or your new spouse can be charging for the kisses, while the other one is waiting in line with eager anticipation. You can even do an entire series of pictures, ending with a movie-worthy kiss behind the booth.

Leave a Mark

This one is simple but can provide a memorable photograph that you will treasure for years to come. The bride applies a bright red lipstick and kisses her groom on the forehead, cheeks, and, of course, lips, leaving a luscious lip mark behind as she goes. This produces a visual gold mine that is perfect for your wedding or engagement photos.

N.C. + T.G. = Love

Remember back in high school when you had a crush and you would write your initials into a mathematical equation every time you had the chance? By carving your initials in a tree, or even simply writing them on a chalkboard, you can create a nostalgic background for any Valentine’s Day wedding photos.