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Inspirational Wedding Photography Trends

Inspirational Wedding Photography Trends

These days wedding and event photography tips are a dime a dozen. It seems every wedding blog has a list of “must-have” wedding photos. However, the truth of the matter is, it’s your wedding, which means that you can have whatever pictures you want in your album. Want to skip the bridal party shots? You’re allowed. Want to have only candid shots during the ceremony and reception? You’re allowed to do that, too. If you’re completely overwhelmed with the sheer volume of types of wedding photos, and you need to narrow things down a bit, perhaps these trendy inspirational ideas for wedding pictures will get your own creative juices flowing.

Outdoor Settings

Mother Nature provides the perfect backdrop for any wedding photo shoot. Whether the environment is woodsy and rustic, or ocean-side and sunny, take advantage of the perfect natural lighting so that you, along with your groom, your family, and your bridal party will look as lovely as possible.

Bride and Groom Before the Ceremony

If you’ve been frequenting wedding blogs and magazines, you’ve probably noticed the latest trend of photographing the bride and groom right before the wedding, separated by a door or a wall so that the groom cannot see his wife-to-be in her gown. These photos are so popular because they tug at the heartstrings, portraying the most intimate moment between a couple before they walk down the aisle. Some photos depict them praying together, while others show them simply holding hands. Either way, prepare for a lump in your throat when looking at these pictures.

Object Photos

Just because the couple is the focus of the wedding doesn’t mean that they have to be the focus of every photo. One trend that’s been making the rounds is pictures of a special object associated with the wedding, such as the bride’s shoes, the rings, a pocket watch or locket worn by the groom or bride, or other items. Pictures like that of the wedding dress next to the groom’s shirt and vest can add artistry and personality to your wedding album without your having to be in every single shot.

Staged Action Shots

Staging photos where the couple and the bridal party are engaged in movement will not only add fun and whimsicality to your pictures, they will help stave off the inevitable boredom that comes with posing for photograph after photograph. These can include jumping pictures, where the photographer snaps a shot just as everyone jumps into the air. Other fun ideas include the bride and maid-of-honor jumping on a bed or trampoline, each in their gowns, or the bride and groom riding old-fashioned bicycles. The possibilities are endless. All you need is a good photographer and a healthy imagination in order to make your wedding photos into unique and timeless works of art.