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Tips to Make Sure Weddings on Spring Time Go off Without a Hitch

Tips To Make Sure Weddings On Spring Time Go Off Without A Hitch

You have spent hours upon hours getting every meticulous detail of your wedding perfect, and you can’t wait for your big day. But you just can’t stop worrying about something going wrong. While this feeling is perfectly normal, especially if you are one of the hundreds of people planning outdoor weddings on spring time, it is also something that you can prepare for. Here’s how:


Have a Plan B

Sure, a wide-open space in your favorite park is the ideal place for your wedding, but if it’s going to rain during the ceremony, it won’t be pleasant for anyone. Either have an indoor location on lockdown in case you need it, or have ample tents and canopies on hand to help keep yourself and your guests dry.


Be Proactive

Another common occurrence during weddings on spring time is a high bug count, especially if you are near the water. Make sure you apply bug repellent beforehand. Sunscreen is another item you won’t want to forget, because a bright red sunburn is definitely not ideal for your honeymoon.


Plan for Humidity

Whether you are preparing for an oceanfront wedding, or you live somewhere like Florida, humidity is something you want to consider. Try not to fight your natural curls when choosing a hairstyle, because they will likely make an appearance regardless, and definitely don’t forget the anti-frizz serum.


Break the Mold

While most people get their wedding pictures taken after the ceremony, this can lead to less-than-perfect appearances from you and your wedding party. The wind, sun, and sometimes rain can wreak havoc on your perfected styling. To avoid this, take the pictures beforehand. Yes, this means the groom has to see the bride before the ceremony, but considering you will be enjoying these pictures for the rest of your life, it might be worth putting superstition to the wayside.