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Buffet or Table Service – Pros and Cons

Buffet Or Table Service – Pros And Cons

When you first begin talking to a wedding planner, or you start looking at catering services in South Florida, your first and biggest decision is whether you will serve a buffet or plated dinner. There are benefits and drawbacks to each. Even if you are confident which you want, it only makes sense to look over the pros and cons. That way you can make certain you are choosing the option that is best for your particular situation.

Plated Dinner

When you have a sit-down dinner, you will have to do assigned seating. This is important so that the servers know where to bring the food. One drawback to this type of service is that it normally takes longer than buffet—since the food is served hot from the kitchen. Another consideration is that you will have to have more “behind the scenes” kitchen space, since the food must be plated and made to look its best before it is delivered to the table. If you want a formal wedding, however, a plated dinner simply cannot be beat.


A buffet dinner offers a more casual and laid-back experience. It makes socializing easier and you do not necessarily have to assign seats for your guests. Additionally, you can offer a variety of food and not worry about your guest’s particular dietary needs. The drawbacks to a buffet include the long lines, and difficulty moving around the room. Another consideration is that you will have to prepare or order more food from one of the catering services in South Florida—since you can never be certain how much your guests will eat.

As you can see, there are benefits and drawbacks to both options. One thing many wedding hosts find surprising is that the costs are often similar. The fact that a sit-down meal requires more service people balances with the need to order additional food for a buffet-style meal. When it comes down to it, you should look at what you are trying to achieve with your wedding and choose the option that will work best with your venue.