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3 Must-Know Tips for Photographing Women

3 Must-Know Tips For Photographing Women

Women are perhaps the most challenging customers. They want to you to make them look thinner, younger, and gorgeous, and you are just one person with a camera. But have no fear, there are actually plenty of little tricks you can use to earn repeat customers who will swear you are a miracle worker.

Get Them to Warm Up

Most women are nervous when you start photographing them. It doesn’t matter if you are taking bride pictures, dress pictures, or participating in some Quinceañeras and Sweet Sixteen photography, it’s up to you to make your client feel comfortable. You can do this by asking her about her life. What makes her happy? Not only will this get your subject to ease up, the sparkle in her eyes will start to come through.

Watch the Angles

You would be amazed at how big of a difference the angle in which you take a picture has on the end result. Always try to shoot women slightly from above. Don’t make it too obvious, but by looking slightly down on your subject they will instantly look thinner. On the contrary, avoid a shot that looks up on your customer from below, no matter how cool the background is. This angle makes everyone look bigger, and no one wants that.

Pose Properly

Have you noticed how celebrities are always putting their hands on their hips or putting one leg in front of the other when posing on the red carpet? This is for a reason. These positions make the body look slimmer, making you your client’s new best friend.